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A Harry Potter Rating Community! [entries|friends|calendar]
A Harry Potter Rating Community!

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accio VOTES! [23 Dec 2009|02:39pm]

feravertoCollapse )
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Accio stamp! [27 Oct 2009|07:40pm]

[ mood | amused ]

It's a sabotage...!Collapse )

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Accio stamp! [25 Oct 2009|11:29pm]


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Accio votes! [18 Aug 2009|02:04am]

Looks like gillyweed to me:Collapse )

Thanks for the time, (:
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Accio votes! [31 Jul 2009|03:12am]

[ mood | curious ]

SaintlikeCollapse )

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Accio votes [29 Jul 2009|05:01pm]

ImperioCollapse )
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Accio votes! [25 Jun 2009|01:25am]

stamp me!Collapse )
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accio votes [18 Jun 2009|12:05pm]

[ mood | curious ]

isn’t that lovelyCollapse )

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Accio Votes!! [02 May 2009|12:58am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Name: Carrie
Age (must be at least thirteen): 14
Describe your personality positively in five words: Energetic, Funny, Mischievous, Open-minded, Caring
Describe your personality negatively in five words: Emotional, Stubborn, Procrastinator, Jealous, Loud
 Strengths (talents, skills, etc.): I stick to what I believe in strongly and it's nearly impossible to change my opinion. :] I love talking to new people. Also, I love trying new things even if it involves breaking the rules. I play a couple of instruments and love expressing myself.
Weaknesses (anywhere you feel you need improvement): I tend to be overly emotional with things. Such as crying or being way too excited :P. Also I get jealous of friends because they are super spoiled and get everything where I have to work to get things. I wait till the last minute to do homework and end up doing it at lunch. Also, my weakness (in a guy) is a great personality and a cute smile ;D
In your opinion, what are some of the most important qualities a person should have?:  I think people should be able to laugh at themselves, turn bad situations into fun ones, be open-minded and stop discriminating people, and to want to try new things. So pretty much, I think people should be able to live like today is their last day :]
Some of your pet peeves: Conformists, Goody-two shoes, Back stabbers, and Extremely conceited people.
Would you like to stamped as a female character, male character, or either?: hmmm.... it really does not matter  ^_^
Which magical ability would you most like to have?: Invisibility! (I would so get away with much more than I already do)
Which house do you think you would be sorted into and why?: Well I would probably get sorted into Gryffindor because I am a good friend and am not afraid to be bold. Also, I'm not super smart (I'm smart I just don't show it), I'm not super mean or conceited, and I'm not one of those people who is nice to everyone.
Which characters do you like and why?: The Weasleys of course! But mostly George and Fred and Ron! The twins are such fun people and seem like nothing will get them down (pretend book 7 never happened...) Ron is so cute I just want to hug him forever! Also I like Luna because she is so different.
Which characters don't you like and why?: Ew all of the annoying girls who just whined and cried over boys. Like Cho, Lavender, and Ginny. Also I hate Peter Pettigrew because he is a cowardly fool who is a creepy backstabbing man. Also, for some reason Hagrid really annoys me o.o
Post at least two clear photos of yourself:

in case it isn't obvious... i'm the one on the left

Thank you for voting <3

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Accio Votes!! <3 [26 Apr 2009|10:33pm]

curious <3Collapse )
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accio votes! [24 Jan 2009|02:14am]

This application is a lot more formal than I usually am!Collapse )
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Accio Votes [26 Dec 2008|03:07pm]

Lumos!Collapse )
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Accio Votes! [02 Dec 2008|12:22pm]
Chocolate Frogs and Acid PopsCollapse )
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ACCIO VOTES [03 Jul 2008|06:46pm]

[ mood | calm ]

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Accio Votes!:) [27 Apr 2008|05:15pm]

[ mood | happy ]

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Accio Votes! [23 Mar 2008|01:06am]

[ mood | hopeful ]


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ACCIO VOTES! [01 Mar 2008|03:34pm]

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Accio Votes! [20 Feb 2008|02:26pm]

fizzing whizbeesCollapse )
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Accio Votes! [25 Jan 2008|02:14pm]

Clicky!Collapse )
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Accio votes! [21 Jan 2008|10:31am]

Click!Collapse )
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