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Welcome to potterpeople, a semi-rating community where you can discover which Harry Potter character your appearance and personality bring to mind. This includes many secondary characters in addition to the usual trio. Although this is a sort of rating community, nobody gets rejected, unless of course he/she violates so many rules that the mods decided to ban him/her. The rules, however, are few and easily followed.

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New Applicants
1. Post the completed application (see below) as well as at least two clear photos of yourself.
2. All of the above must be behind an lj-cut. If you don't know how to do this, please consult the LiveJournal FAQ before joining.
3. You may vote on other unstamped applicants before being stamped yourself, although please do not post any additional entries until you have been stamped.
4. To show that you have read the rules, please put "Accio votes" in the subject line of your application entry.
5. Depending how quickly the votes come in, you will be stamped within a couple days of applying.
6. This community is to be hate-free, flame-free, and drama-free. This is pretty much the most important rule, as anyone who breaks it will be immediately banned - no exceptions.
7. In accordance with LJ's policies, you must be at least thirteen years old to be a member of this community.
8. Elaborate on your application answers. Pretend each question has "and why?" at the end of it. Be specific!

Stamped Members
1. You must remain active in the community after being stamped. This means that you should try to vote on new applicants as often as you can. Obviously, you have to watch the community to do that.
2. Feel free to post after being stamped. Posts, however, must be somehow relevant to the community. This could include new photos of yourself, HP fanart/fanfic, promotion of other HP/rating communities, etc.
3. Speaking of promos, you are welcome to post them here, but they must be related to the subject matter of this community in some way. If you are unsure about this, please contact one of the mods.
4. Only mods can stamp new members.
5. When voting on a new applicant please try to put the name(s) of the character(s) for whom you are voting in bold. (e.g. <*b>Hermione<*/b> but without the *) This will make it easier for the mods to tally the votes. Pay attention to the applicant's survey. Vote for a character whose gender the applicant would like to be stamped as, and base your judgements on their personality as well as their looks.
6. Remember that without promotion we will have no new applicants, and without new applicants this community will be dead. We mustn't let that happen.
7. Don't forget that this community is to be free of hate, flames, and drama. Just because we enjoy children's novels doesn't mean we should act like children. :)
8. Stamped members may re-apply (with new photos) if they choose, as new stamps are always being made.

Reminder: ELABORATE on your application answers. Pretend each question has "and why?" at the end of it. Be specific!

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